Traditional English Roast Recipe Calculator

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    • Not only easily calculate the roast cooking time, but also the entire recipe and timings for a perfect meal using the traditional and best methods from our family. It calculates how to cook many roast meats including chicken, beef, lamb, pork, Christmas Turkey, duck, goose, guinea fowl, pheasant and venison, as well as when to put your vegetables in. It even calculates a recipe for a classic Christmas turkey using a traditional roasting method that cannot be beaten. You see, we eat roast meat a lot because it's the best way to feed a growing family and it's so easy to do. Every time we wanted to roast a meat joint the only hassle was working out the cooking times for the various bits of the meal - once you had it worked out, it was easy and could be all done on one roasting tray. So we built this roasting calculator to make things easy.
    • The Traditional British Roasting Meat Recipe Calculator

      What are you roasting?
      How much does it weight?
      Just enter the type of meat you are roasting and it's weight to get started.
    • How the automatic meat roasting calculator works:

    • All you need to do is select the type of meat you're going to cook and it's weight in Kg's or lb's, then plug it into the field below and click "Get cooking times". The rest is worked out for you for the perfect roast joint with all the trimmings - how to baste, how long to sear, how long to cook, when to put in the vegetables etc. everything is done for you. This makes things nice and easy, and with kids you need that! So why not give it a go? The calculator currently tells you how to produce the perfect roast meal of Beef, Pork, Chicken and Lamb and roasting times for more traditional meats such as a classic Christmas Turkey, roast venison, roast duck, roast goose and even roast guinea fowl! For these meats it uses the traditional methods as these really are the best. For example, the calculator will give you the whole classic recipe for a magical Christmas meal of roast turkey using the traditional method that ensures a mouth watering and moist turkey by preventing the meat drying out during roasting. Sometimes the old ways really are the best - so avoid the celebrity chefs and their gimmicks, after all they need to sell their books not cook a perfect family roast!


    The Traditional English Roast Meat Recipe Calculator - Not only easily calculate the roast cooking time, but also the entire recipe.

    Traditional English Roasts

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