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    • Welcome to our site which we use as a general dumping ground for stuff we want to share. We hope you find some of it useful. We live in the heart of the UK countryside with our kids, surrounded by hills, apple trees, unfinished tree houses, unflown rc gliders, dusty classic cars, and even dustier surf boards (there is never enough time when you have kids). Every year we try (and fail) to grow veggies..... well you have to, don't you? OK, I guess you don't, but we did!
    • This website holds some of the anti-knowlege we have built up along the way...... we had to put it somewhere!
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    • How to cook traditional food and some home spun recipes

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    • Traditional English Roast Calculator - Calculates the meat's roasting time and the recipe

      Roasting Calculator

    • How to brew traditional beers, fruit liqueurs, country ciders and perrys, as well as how to make your own equipment such as presses and scratters.

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    • Our anti-knowlege applied to DIY, car restoration and automotive maintenance so others can use it!

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    • Manuals, guides, plans, tips and techniques for maintaining, building and flying radio control aircraft.

      RC Flying

    What's new?

    HOW TO REPLACE FRONT BRAKE DISCS AND PADS (MERCEDES S CLASS & OTHER CARS) - Save yourself time and money by doing this simple job yourself!

    "ORIGIN" COFFEE OATMEAL STOUT RECIPE - Now even a beginner can brew a copy of this infamous and delicious beer - rich & creamy at 5% ABV so watch out!

    IDENTIFY & FIX YOUR CAR'S SUSPENSION NOISES - Clangs, Bangs, Rumbles and Rattles, identify the cause of the your car's noise and fix it with this guide.

    VODOO QX MICRO RC SLOPE SOARER PLANS & BUILDING GUIDE- Fancy something different? Do it yourself! This is a cheap, quick and addictive wee beasty that'll give you a real buzz.

    HOW TO REPLACE A FRONT SUSPENSION LOWER BALL JOINT(MERCEDES & OTHER CARS)- Do it yourself! This is a cheap, quick and simple procedure that is suitable for a complete beginner.

    HOW TO REPLACE BRAKE PIPES & LINES (MERCEDES & OTHER CARS)- These procedures show you how to save a serious amount of money by replacing your old rusty brake lines yourself.

    HOW TO JACK UP YOUR MERCEDES & OTHER CARS- These procedures show you how to safely jack up and support your car for repairs with 1 to 4 wheels off the ground

    REMOVE LOCKING WHEEL BOLTS WITHOUT A KEY - These procedures can save you lots of money if you have lost your car's locking wheel bolt or nut key.

    MERCEDES ELECTRONIC RESET PROCEDURES - Reset and syncronisation procedures for you Mercedes car that can solve many common issues.

    MERCEDES E-CLASS REPAIR AND UPGRADE - New guides that show you how to repair the LCD displays, upgrade to LED lighting and replace instrument panel bulbs..

    TOOLPAC - ToolPac allows you to connect a Campac to your PC for backup. Download it here.

    MOT CHECK LIST - a simple list of checks to ensure your car never fails an MOT again. Do not get overcharged by a mechanic!

    TRADITIONAL BREWING & COOKING - A lavender beer recipe, Cider press plans, make your own bacon and all things cooking.

    PHOTOS SECTION - We've added a photos section to the site. Friends and family please login first as not all photos are visible to guests.

    COOKING ROASTS CALCULATOR - We've updated the roasting calculator. You can now get instant tailored cooking times & recipes for cooking your Sunday roasts

    FUTABA SERVICE & REPAIR MANUALS - These are now in the expanded "guides and how to's" section of the site.

    MAZDA CAM BELT REPLACEMENT - this guide has now moved to the "guides and how to's" section of the site.

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